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July 4, 2010
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Shadowfang by Yolly-anda Shadowfang by Yolly-anda
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Check out the speedpaint here: [link]

Finally, I got to work on some more ref pic of my fan character from my fanfic. Here is Shadowfang.

Name: Shadowfang
Gender: male
Position: warrior
Clan: former warrior of shadowclan
Mate: n/a
Personality: Willing to give up his life for another clanmate without a second thought. Can be very violent if you anger him. As an apprentice, he was always full of energy and never backed down from a challenge. As he grew to become a warrior, experiences in his life made him distrust anyone but his closest friends and his leader. He's very open and actually quite fun to be around if you're a friend of his.

Characteristics: He has a very black fur that looks almost like a dark purple, and dark green eyes.

Shadowkit was born in Shadowclan land during the great sickness. Nightstar was weakened and couldn't get his 9 lives from Starclan because Brokenstar was still alive. Shadowkit's mother died with the sickness, him and his brother had to be suckled by Darkflower, a queen.

Some rumors says that Darkfang and Shadowfang were related to Nightstar but nothign prooves it.

Because of the illness that had killed so many cats, Runningnose assumed that both kits would die along with their mother. As a surprise, both kits survived the illness and grew to become strong cats.

Shadowpaw was given his warrior name by Nightstar before the gathering occured. His brother was named at the same time. Shadowfang had a lot of respect for his leader and wished for him to get better. But the leader died due to the sickness and they were found without a leader. But his brother came back one night with Blackfoot, one of Brokenstar's old follower. Most were against his arrival but Blackfoot reported great news. Tigerclaw was to become leader of Shadowclan and him, their new deputy. Shadowfang and his brother were taken a back by the announcement and Runningnose declared that the omen told them of a new leader who would make their clan, the greatest of all. Shadowfang disapproved of Tigerclaw's arrival and creepted out of the camp one night. He was followed by Littlecloud. Littlecloud tells him that he had heard Runningnose's omen and that he really didn't believe that the omen was of great power, but of a big tragedy that would occure shortly. Shadowfang makes up his mind and decides to leave Shadowclan with his brother.

Shadowfang ventures as a loner for sometime before being ambushed in Thunderclan's territory. Shadowfang and his brother are accused of spying. They become prisoners. Shadowfang tries his best to prove his loyalty to Thunderclan, but Longtail, Darkstripe and Dustpelt refuse to trust him. Fireheart is the only one that seems to trust Shadowfang. Shadowfang and his brother are then made warriors of Thunderclan after prooving their loyalty during a fight. Shadowfang makes a big mistake that angers their leader Bluestar. She reduce him to be treated like an apprentice again. Cloudtail is to always be with Shadowfang at any time. Both cats build a great bond towards eachother.

After Bluestar's death, Shadowfang is looked up by all the cats in Thunderclan, especially Firestar.

Quick history:
Shadowkit born in shadowclan with his twin brother Darkkit
Shadowpaw - Shadowfang
-Disapprove Tigerstar's arrival
-Hears about the omen from Littlecloud
-Leaves Shadowclan with his brother
-They are captured in Thunderclan's territory
-They become permanent warriors of Thunderclan


You don't have to read his story if you don't wanna xD
His story will be shown in a prologue in my animated storyboard but if you really want more details, do read it then.

I hope you guys enjoy

Shadowfang belong to my beloved friend :love:
I asked him if I could use his character in my story and eeeeh, he said yes :dance: I'm so happy!

IMPORTANT Some parts of the story might be changed when writting the fanfic :3

Shadowfang © ~Arkanille
Artwork © Yolly
Made in photoshop
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